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Why are permanent tattoos less popular?

A well-known synonym for permanent is “forever”. Not all that lasts forever is worth the sacrifice. Ever wondered of how permanent tattoos become life changing? The word “Permanent” says it all.

How does a Permanent Tattoo work?

Tattoo application uses a technologized needle to puncture the skin and inject ink into the dermis (the second layer of your skin). This process involves damaging the skin, therefore your body responds with white blood cells, which aims to attack the foreign particles and get rid of them in the blood stream. But the ink particles are too big for them to ingest, so it ends up to be in the dermis.

Freaking out already? … Here is what’s scarier… Tattoos are removed by using laser beams. They completely blackout the image of your tattoo and break up the pigments’ particles until they are small enough to be ingested. OUCH!

Why are permanent tattoos becoming less popular?

Wanna know why people don’t opt for tattoos? How disheartening it can be? Keep Scrolling!

Age – As you get older your skin gets wrinkled and saggy… the tattoo on your skin may lose its perfect image and look as wrinkled as your skin…

Infections – Did you know that certain tattoo parlors don’t sterilize their needles? … eww ! And … this can be disastrous because unsterilized needles may transmit diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, A, B, and C and various types of other communicable diseases

Blood Donation – People with tattoos cannot donate blood unless your tattoo Is a year old and not contaminated. 

Colors – Wondering how can this even be related? Here you go. Permanent tattoos can vary in different shades according to the picture you need. Each color may have a different defect. These pigments are usually radioactive or otherwise toxic. For e.g. Yellow and Red pigments contain cadmium sulfide, which can cause an allergic reaction when exposed to the sun.

Occupation– Some jobs don’t opt for people with visible tattoos as it is considered to be less professional looking.

Allergies – Did you know that life after a tattoo is not as smooth as it looks? Sensitive skin can easily react with different allergies, once a tattoo is done. This happens since the skin develops rashes because of the ink used.

Religion – Certain respective religions don’t permit permanent tattoos. In Islam it’s prohibited because it changes Allah’s creation and induces unnecessary pain.

What are the alternatives for permanent tattoos?

Already on pins reading the above, but still want your tattoo dreams to come true? Why not try out the organic way?

The Inkas have created products to break your tattoo barriers organically. Its ingredients are 100% natural and its main ingredient is derived from a fruit found in rainforests of Central-South America known as Genipa

Americana. Le Inka products lasts for 1-3 weeks depending on your skin and is crazily waterproof.

Do you know what’s more delightful about the Le Inka tattoos? It Miraculously looks and feel like a real tattoo <3

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