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Tattoos and UAE

Tattoos are vogue, but when it comes along with the rules of the UAE, it gets quite tactful. Dubai is well known for its extravagance but has its limits and laws for people’s health and safety.

Le Inka VS Henna

A common question that triggers you when you hear it’s an organic temporary tattoo is? “Is it henna?" And then yeah, you may simply conclude the only way of getting a temporary tattoo organically can be henna

Are Tattoos ‘Haram’?

Tattoos are an upcoming trend. People get varieties of tattoos done for various reasons. It maybe to remember a loved one, a memorable moment, a favorite activity or even for a medical reason. Tattoos also differ in categories like: Henna Tattoos, Temporary tattoos or Permanent tattoos

Le Inka Vs. Temporary Tattoos

Remember the reason behind tattoos that drove you crazy as a kid? The swag feeling you had as a teenager? All credits goes to those sweets you bought just for a multicolored tattoo. Hold on.. Just like black and white phones led to smart phones… Tattoos have upgraded versions too… Curious already?

10 Benefits of Le Inka Natural Tattoos

Do you know that Le Inka tattoos can be life changing? Read below to find out its benefits

Reactions to Le Inka

Le Inka products are made from organic ingredients and the active component is derived from an edible fruit.

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