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Most frequent questions and answers

Le inkas ingredients are 100% natural and its main ingredient is derived from a fruit found in rainforests of Central- South America known as Genipa Americana. Local Amazonian tribes use the pulp of this edible fruit for thousands of years to ink their skin.

No. Black Henna is dangerous as it contains a chemical called PPD which can be fatal. 

Le Inka has successfully gone through series of comprehensive and certified lab tests which showcases our dedication and research towards the usage of safe and 100% natural ingredients.

They are completely Vegan and are not tested on animals

Le Inka oxidizes when exposed to air. During this oxidization process the tattoo on your skin gradually darkens. As a result, when Le Inka gets intact with your skin and is removed after an hour it will gently develop the color within the next 24- 36 hours.

The shade of your tattoo may vary from the darkest shade of blue to black depending on your skin type. Le Inka ingredients have no added chemicals to guarantee you one precise shade for it is purely derived from natural ingredients.

Le Inka Natural Ink lasts up to 2 weeks depending on your skin and area chosen.

The color stain of Le Inka is Blue/Black whereas Regular henna stains can be orange to brown shades.

Store in freezer if not in use as Le Inka products are freshly made from100% Natural Fruit Juice and will lose it’s coloring potency if not stored in freezer.

If stored in the freezer, Le Inka products can be used for 12 months from the production date to acquire best results.

Let it dry for 60 mins

They are water permeable. You can dive into a pool, yet we guarantee long lasting results.

They are not needles. Le Inka Natural ink kit provides designing nozzles with the finest tips to reveal the artist within you, which are often misinterpret as needles.

Undoubtedly! A thick layer will give darker results. A thin layer will give lighter results. Yalla! Create your masterpiece.

Yes, you can use a simple chemical free carbon paper or skin-safe marker to draw your design beforehand.

Immediately wipe of the liquid as the visibility of the stain may not show at once but is intense and absorbs fast.

Shaving is not compulsory but obtaining the stain of your tattoo can be more effective if the product is closely intact with your skin.

Clogged nozzles can be an expected issue if the ink dries up on the tip of your bottle. Remove the lid and wash with water. Still stubborn? Soak it in warm water for a few minutes till the clogged ink disperse. Please ensure that the tip is secured with the provided cap.

The most effective and harmless way is to gently exfoliate your skin. But as Le Inka products are waterproof, results of a clear skin cannot be obtained in a single wash. Please do avoid if any irritation occurs.

Hey Inka! Don’t worry, your tattoo takes 24-36 hours to develop its color.

We believe that there is barely a possibility but it can depend according to your skin. Our skin is unique and a complex organ. Although Le Inka is a natural product, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to any foreign substance applied to the skin. We believe that there can only be a minute chance of having allergies. So we highly recommend you to do a patch test as instructed on the given instruction card prior to complete application.

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