30% OFF  | Use Code: RAM30

30% OFF  | Use Code: RAM30

30% OFF  | Use Code: RAM30

Apply in 30 seconds

(step by step process)

1. Clean

Clean your skin and wait 30 seconds to dry.
If there is too much hair on your desired area, shave it off to get the best results.

2. Place

Remove the transparent protective foil on the bottom side of the tattoo and place that side on your desired area. Remember – the lighter side of the tattoo should touch your skin, NOT the darker side with the logo.
Pro tipCut out design from the tattoo sheet for easy application.

3. Wet

Soak a cloth/tissue in water and press the backing paper of tattoo with it. Press gently over the full design for 30 seconds until the backing paper is completely wet. Then gently remove the paper. You have transferred the design to your skin, now the magic starts. Yalla! Your tattoo will develop over 24-36 hours to a dark blue or black color depending on your skin!

4. Aftercare

For best results, avoid hot water, sauna, exfoliation, excessive sweating for first 24 hours while the tattoo is developing. Freshly applied tattoo can stain other parts of your body, i.e., stain your face if you sleep on your hand! Therefore, apply in the morning rather than before bed or wrap/cover tattoo in loose cloth to avoid staining other parts of your body while you sleep

Why does it take
24-36 hours to develop?


Your tattoo does not sit on top of your skin like old-school temporary tattoos but is absorbed into the first layer of the skin.

Tattoo longevity

Le Inka Tattoos lasts up to 2 weeks depending on your skin and the area chosen.

Your Tattoo Box
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