Resolve to renew all your old resolves, Add a few that are new, Resolve to keep them as long as you can, What more can a poor man do?

These wise words from a postcard in the 20th century say absolutely enough about the beginning of a Brand New year with the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions.

Many of us resolve to continue good practices, vow to make significant changes in the bad, and swear to be better and wiser in the coming year.

With that spirit in heart here’s one way of making sure your resolution sticks. Get a Temporary tattoo to keep you in check!!

What are your New Years Resolutions? At least one of them would be listed below in the 10 most common New Year Resolutions Represented in LeInka Temporary tattoos

01.Try Something New

With time you start to lose interest and have no motivation to do anything. When you lose your drive, it is the best time to reset your creativity, Light up your synapses, and turn yourself around. You can do this by trying something new—different.

Learn a new skill, Challenge your body and mind and race out of the slump you are in the coming year.

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02. Not give up

Its easy to lose interest and give up rather going the extra mile. But I bet if you stick by your decisions and Not give up on dreams , hopes or people there’ll always something in it for you.
Never Give up is a mindset to build this New year!

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03. Believe and Achieve

You are your toughest critic and that very well maybe why you don’t believe in all what you are capable of.

Believe more of yourself and that will most definitely help you achieve greater heights

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04. Being Myself

Everyone has the sense of ‘being myself,’ but not everyone knows their self clearly. In most cases, our sense of self is mixed up with the content of experience and that is a grey cloud on our happiness

Be more of yourself instead of someone else.

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05. Find a significant other

Finding your perfect match , the one who “clicks” with you is a obvious resolution for anyone heading into the new years.
Hope you find that one person whose going to paint your world in Color.

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06. Spend Less

This fast paced world is all about get this ,buy that and its going to change your world.So its about time to reel back and get your finances in order.
Have the New Years Resolution to spend less money.

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07. Get organized

The beginning of the new year can sometimes be overwhelming with so many expectations.
This is why getting organized is a common Resolution for many.

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08. Lose Weight

It maybe going to the gym everyday or doing pilates , following a good diet plan or finding ways to love your body.
This New year Resolution is all for the sake of a healthy lifestyle.

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09. Be Happier

We all want to be happier , smile a little more and be content in heart and soul.
Its not as easy as adorning a smile in your face but what better time to try finding happiness than now and keeping yourself accountable for it.
Cheers to being happier in the New Year!

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09. Be a better Person

Working on being compassionate and kinder is always a great feeling.The New years really does make us want to kick start being better versions of our selves.

The beginning of the year we are little more nicer, slightly less jaded and willing to give another go at life.

Thus to self improve is a great Resolution to keep.

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