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Le Inka VS Henna

A common question that triggers you when you hear it’s an organic temporary tattoo is…

“Is it henna?”… And then yeah, you may simply conclude the only way of getting a temporary tattoo organically can be henna… But Le Inka natural ink is strictly not HENNA!!! However it is purely organic and has similar characteristics  to henna. Read below to find out how they differ and how amazing it can be.


Henna has been used for more than centuries. It was initially used in ancient Egypt, India and other Middle Eastern countries for simple body art, religious occasions and wedding celebrations. It grows in the tropical climates of Africa, Northern Australia, and Southern Asia. Where as Le Inka natural ink is derived from a fruit, Genipa Americana which is native to Central-South America and grows in rainforests. Its juice is used as a dye for temporary tattoos, skin painting, insect repellent and is also edible.


Henna stains differ from shades of Dark Brown to orange. On the other hand, Le Inka natural temporary tattoo shades vary from the darkest shade of blue to pitch black depending on your skin.


The henna mixture is applied using a cone shaped wrap mostly made out of cellophane. The henna mixture flows out through a tiny cavity once pressed. Le Inka natural ink is applied using a user-friendly applicator bottle that has a metal nozzle. The nozzles may vary with different tip sizes according to your design.

Color Development

Henna usually takes 48 hours to develop its darkest stain and lasts up to 7- 10 days. Le Inks develops its color gradually within 24 -36 hours and lasts for at least 1- 3 weeks.

Product Shelf Life

Both products are best used within the first 6 months, as they are organic and may lose its color potency if long kept. It is also highly recommended to store in a freezer.

After Care

A mixture of lemon juice and white sugar is applied over the henna design to remoisten once dried up so that the henna stain will darken. Le Inka doesn’t require any aftercare. It just needs to be washed off using soapy water after application

Henna and Le Inka both are two organic ways of getting your temporary tattoo done. Be it red or be it black the choice is always yours! You can always Look bold with black or be vibrant in red Happy Inking!

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