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10 Benefits of Le Inka Natural Tattoos

Do you know that Le Inka tattoos can be life changing? Read below to find out its benefits

  • Hygienic

You need to be hygienic to be healthy. Say no to infections caused by unsterilized needles. Le Inka has used the most organic way of getting yourself inked and is also purely vegan and cruelty free.

  • No more dreading

OUCH! That feeling when you know those needles are gonna hurt you… Here’s the good news… They are completely pain- free!!

  • Feel real

Le Inka tattoos don’t just look like ordinary temporary tattoos. But looks authentic and gives you the vibe of a real tattoo. Wanna be romantic? Propose her with her name on your chest.

  • Trial-run

Still Wanna break rules to get a permanent tattoo? Confused on what to portrait? Or where exactly to get it done? Alright… Inkas have a plan for that too… All you need to do is get yourself inked using Le Inka and make your decisions on what symbol fits you best and the right spot. It maybe an anchor on your wrist or armor on your fist.

  • Classy or sassy?

Le Inka tattoos are good alternatives to replace your accessories. It is simply time saving too. Jewelry can be a weight when you travel or you may even misplace it during a sudden day out. Inka tattoos are exclusively for those dressy chics who opt to look trendy no matter what.

  • Event planning

Celebrations barely exist without a theme in this era. Planned a floral theme wedding? What’s trendier than a bunch of flowers inked on the hands of your bridesmaid? Having a teenage music event? How about an instrument on your wrist? It maybe a unicorn themed birthday bash too. Le Inka can preserve the uniqueness of your event and make it memorable.’

  • Promote a cause

Our tattoos can support to promote a cause. Be it breast cancer awareness or world health day. It can be used for fund raising and also make people feel it from the bottom of their heart as Inka tattoos last for 1- 3 weeks.

  • Medical Information

Medical bracelets are used to prompt your first aider about your medical condition during an emergency. Incase if you are planning to travel, you may use Le Inka freehand ink to make a medical professional alert by stating the condition such as  “type 1 diabetes” etc. It is also much convenient as it is pain free.

  • Stress Buster

Drawing is a well-known stress buster. Need to feel relaxed? Bring out the artist with in you. Creativity is limitless, Using Le Inka you can draw what your hearts desires. Something as simple as a smiley face can brighten up your day too.

  1. Support your Sports team

Barca or United all the way? Inka tattoos can spice up your fan spirit.. Get ready to support and cheer for your favorite team. Get an Inka tattoo and feel the vibe of a real fan moment.

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