Year End Sale | 30% OFF | Use Code: YES30

Year End Sale | 30% OFF | Use Code: YES30

Year End Sale | 30% OFF | Use Code: YES30


Revolutionary Tattoo Experience

Our plant-based temporary tattoos are easily applied in few minutes, last 1-2 weeks, but look & feel like the real deal! Express delivery to your doorstep.

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Creator Community

We have the most talented creators in MENA co-creating amazing tattoos for you who get paid a share of every sale. A great way to support your favorite creator.

Create your own personal tattoo

Easily upload, edit, and create your own unique tattoo.

Create your own tattoo

Easily upload and create your own unique tattoo.

Great customer service
Ibrahim Electricwala
Ibrahim Electricwala
9. October, 2022.
Leinka..! I used their Ink and stencils 2 years before and loved it the Result .. Now i heard that , they Came with New idea that we can put tattooss without the ink.. So for the Curiosity i order few designs and quotes to try .!! Omg, Omg i fell with them Once more.. This is soo easy just apply and put wet wipes , it will get stick on your path and by 24-36 hours your tattoo is ready in your path.. No worry about taking shower or washing..! Just try and Thank me later
Allaboutmommyandzayed (Allaboutmommyandzayed)
Allaboutmommyandzayed (Allaboutmommyandzayed)
22. September, 2022.
Very nice
Collins Nkem
Collins Nkem
4. August, 2022.
It's such an amazing product, you can get great results without going through the painful process.
Sana Fazal
Sana Fazal
30. June, 2022.
Loving my new temporary wudhu friendly tattoo from Leinka. Highly Recommended
Hira Akhtar
Hira Akhtar
23. June, 2022.

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