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Free Shipping | UAE on orders AEDI00+ KSA on orders SAR250+ Worldwide on orders US$70+

Black Friday Sale | 40% OFF | Use Code: BF40 Ends in 12 hours

How to Apply

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Easy Application
Lasts 1-2 Weeks
No Commitment

Express Yourself with no regrets.

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Easy Application
Lasts 1-2 Weeks
No Commitment

Express Yourself with no regrets.


Applying your Le Inka

Clean Your Skin

Just before you start make sure the area of application is clean and hair- free for best results.

Hair - Free

Confused on how to do it? It is as simple as shaving the area you need to design on. This step is not compulsory but gives you the best results. Wanna know how?
Alright..When your skin is depilated, It allows Le Inka to sink directly onto your skin avoiding barriers to sketch your piece of art. It also can prevent from any smudges as your hair may hold up some of the ink.

But always remember to give some healing time once shaved before applying Le Inka. As the process of shaving may cause redness.

Shake it up

Just give it a good shaky shake, You’ll feel the liquid reaching the tip. If you’re a new user its always advisable to draw a few streaks on a pieces of paper to know how it works.

Using Our Pro Stencil

Stick the stencil on a flat skin where there is no hair and fill the design over the edges. Easy peasy! Wait for 60 mins to remove the stencil and rinse off the residual ink on the skin with soapy water.

Drawing Freehand

Inka is not just for pros. Nervous about drawing? All you have to do is , sketch your design using a skin safe pen/ marker, And simply trace using your freehand ink… also make sure the surface of drawing is oil free so that your pen will give its flow in drawing. But if you are an expert, VOILA ! you can go ahead.

Create Contrast

Wanna create a master piece? Learn how to use the nozzles provided.
To shade – Drag your tip away from the starting point of your line… It’s just like using a pencil on a sketchbook to shade, but remember to gradually decrease pressure when dragging.

Thicker lines – Have a look at the cavity of the nozzles and make your decision. If you require to have a line thicker than the largest tip available, gently give a little more pressure on squeezing the bottle or else simply double your lines ;)

Clogged Ink

Remove the lid and wash with water. Still stubborn? Soak it in warm water for a few minutes till the clogged ink disperse.

How to make tattoo last longer?

Le Inka usually lasts for 1- 2 weeks depending on your skin, But certain exceptional factors add up to it too.

Daily Activity And Chosen Area

It is completely waterproof yet there can be exceptional cases like If you’re a mom, we know the pile of dishes you’ve got to wash on a daily basis, so make sure to chose an area where it’ll less affect your tattoo.

Pressure Used On Application

the most practical theory is thicker lines will be more prominent than thin lines but both will be pigmented the same way.


It is best to exfoliate the area chosen to directly work on a healthier skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps le Inka sink in deeper.


A well – moisturized skin may give longer lasting results. Avoid harsh application once the tattoo has developed.

Taking A Shower or Water Sports

Taking a shower may not make your tattoos vanish, as Le Inka is amazingly waterproof. But scrubbing vigorously must be avoided only on the tattoo area. There is a minute chance that chlorine or salt may reduce the longevity of your tattoo. So it is Just before a swim or any water sport, it’s recommended to apply a little petroleum jelly or balm to help you tattoo last longer.

How to remove faster?

Unfortunately Le Inka is powerful in its durability; However there are few ways to try making it disappear.

  • Exfoliation – Gently exfoliate your skin using a body scrub or maybe salt water would help too.
  • Uneven – Le Inka tattoos mostly fades gradually in an even way, but there can be instances where it doesn’t. All you have to do is gently rub

Things to avoid

Le Inka is purely organic yet is strictly advised on certain risks. Read below to be aware of the DON’Ts.

  • Do not use it on irritated or damaged skin.
  • Do not repetitively use Le Inka on the same area of your previous Inka tattoo.
  • Do not scrub your tattoo vigorously.
  • Do not sleep before removing the freshly applied Le Inka.
  • Do not use it on the face.


Once you take off your stencil it may leave some redness if your skin is not depilated, as there are chances for a few hair strands to be plucked out when removed. This redness may disappear within few hours or a day or two.


Patience is key to success… Be patient till your ink dries up to avoid smudging your work and succeed having a classy piece of art.

Testing your product

Always do a test patch to ensure you’re not allergic to this Natural Ink especially if you are allergic to berries.

Place a small amount of ink on your inner arm. After 15 mins rinse with soapy water. Wait for 24 hours to develop and monitor your skin for the following week to ensure no reaction occurs before application.

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