Freehand Pro Kit - Le Inka

Freehand Pro Kit

AED 99.00

The Ultimate KIT to create your own Personal Tattoos, that you always wanted.

Kit includes:

◈ Freehand Ink Formula (18 ml)
◈ 6 x DIY Mini Stencils
◈ 2 x Freehand Application Tips
◈ 2 x Tracing Papers
◈ 2 x Cotton Buds
◈ Stencil Transfer Solution
◈ Glove
◈ Instructions Card

Google Reviews

Its so nyc
Zubia Tahir
Zubia Tahir
8. March, 2022.
Hiba Suidi
Hiba Suidi
11. February, 2022.
I love the work and the quality and it’s soo good idea ❤️
SG Chakib
SG Chakib
9. February, 2022.
Loved the box and packaging and the idea of the halal tattoo, so easy to use and apply , looks really nice 😊 loved it
Laila Amjad
Laila Amjad
5. February, 2022.
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