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We break those tattoo barriers. Organically

We know you always wanted to get that stunning tattoo. Tattoos are cool, funky, self-expressive, artistic and a visual display of your personal character to stand out from the crowd.

So why don’t you get tattooed?

Don’t worry, we had the same barriers as you do:

  • Our style and tastes change so we hate lifetime commitment.
  • We hate to puncture our skin with needles. OUCH it hurts!
  • Our religion prohibits permanent tattoo.
  • Risk of infections or STD’s. Damn it’s SCARY

Is there a solution?

We know you are excited, and the answer is a big fat YES. We worked hard on solving this problem for several years, testing hundreds of different organic formula to design an authentic tattoo which eventually led to the creation of Le Inka. When developing Le Inka, we stepped into the rainforests of Central & South America where local tribes use the pulp of an edible fruit for thousands of years to ink their skin. This is where we found the active ingredient for Le Inka.

What? A tattoo made from an organic fruit?

Yes, you heard it right. We introduced the Middle East’s First-Ever realistic temporary tattoo ink made from an Organic Fruit. They look and feel like a real tattoo and lasts 1-3 weeks. Unlike other artificial temporary versions of sticker tattoos which sits on top of the skin, Le Inka’s organic formula sinks in the first layer of the skin and then fades as your skin naturally regenerates. No lifetime commitment, no pain, no needles. Hence an authentic tattoo for everyone. And keep changing and keep changing.

Is this black henna?

No. Black Henna is dangerous as it contains a chemical called PPD which can be fatal. But Le Inka loves you henna crazies, so we introduced Le Inka Natural Hengua, which stains black and is also made from an Organic Fruit. Hooray!

Is it Certified?

Le Inka is the only product of its kind approved by Dubai Municipality. Series of comprehensive and certified lab tests were performed on Le Inka’s products which showcases our dedication and research towards the usage of safe and 100% natural ingredients.

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