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Le Inka Vs. Temporary Tattoos

Remember the reason behind tattoos that drove you crazy as a kid? The swag feeling you had as a teenager? All credits goes to those sweets you bought just for a multicolored tattoo. Hold on.. Just like black and white phones led to smart phones… Tattoos have upgraded versions too… Curious already? Read below to find out how Inkas created a tattoo to solve your Temporary tattoo issues and yeah, know the differences too…

Le Inka tattoos are temporary tattoos with a modern twist. It is no ordinary tattoo for kids but exclusively made to unleash the fashionista with in you. It is purely made of an organic juice derived from a fruit found in rainforests of Central- South America known as Genipa Americana. Le Inka tattoos develop its color within in 24 to 36 hours once applied.

An ordinary temporary tattoo peels off as it just sits on top of your skin where as Inka tattoo sinks into the epidermis to give you long lasting results.  Le Inka also has a range of tattoo products to fulfill your tattoo dreams.

Yalla… Times Up to uphold your tattoo PRIDE! ;)


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