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Tattoos and UAE

Tattoos are vogue, but when it comes along with the rules of the UAE, it gets quite tactful. Dubai is well known for its extravagance but has its limits and laws for people’s health and safety.

Are tattoos allowed in UAE?

There has always been a conflict in regards to the legality of tattoos in the UAE. A tattoo service will be only permitted if it is approved by the Dubai Health Authority or Dubai Municipality. Both adhere by precise rules and regulations in permitting and providing license for body art.

What types of tattoos are permitted in UAE?

Medical tattoos – Tattoos for medical necessities are legal. They are used to notify the first aider of their medical condition during an emergency as they maybe unconscious. Tattoos that are used to cover scarred skin on the body are also permitted and both can only be done by licensed doctors / dermatological doctors.

Cosmetic tattoos – Salons with license for Micro blading and Micro pigmentation, two modern ways of tattooing the eyebrows, used as eyebrow fillers for beautifying are permitted in the UAE.

Temporary tattoos – Tattoos that are designed using organic ink which doesn’t require the usage of needles or induce pain. Tattoos which are applied using henna are also permitted.

Tattoos in regards to body art that displays swear words, nudity, and profane images are strictly restricted to be allowed in the country.

Why aren’t there any official tattoo parlors or artists in the UAE?

When it comes to body art there are no official tattoo artists in Dubai. There may be an only possibility of illegal artists as the Dubai laws does not provide license to run a tattoo parlor or permit it in salons. This is because unhygienic tattooing practices such as reusing contaminated needles may transmit diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, A, B, and C and various types of other communicable diseases. 

Does Islam permit tattoos?

Islamically permanent tattoos are not allowed as it changes Allah’s creation, sows unnecessary pain and leads to variety of infections and serious diseases. Islam also prohibits the fact that it permanently covers the nature of the body.

Can tourists enter the country with tattoos?

Yes, Tourists are free to enter the country with tattoos unless their tattoo falls into the category of swear words, profanity and nude images, which are in a visible part of their body.

Can tourists in Dubai get tattoos?

It is highly recommended to avoid tattoos for expats and tourists. Tattoo artists with no license, who operate underground, may cause health risks associated with unhygienic tattooing practices like not sanitizing their tools, which can easily transmit diseases.


Will you be rejected for a job opportunity if you have tattoos?

It depends on the job role you have applied for. Tattoos are usually not allowed for professions like cabin crew, government jobs etc. But in certain companies, you can have a tattoo in a covered part of the body, which will more likely have less chances to affect your profession.


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